If you export your products, you must register your trademark abroad ®™

Estudio DommaThe registration of a trademark is territorial, meaning that, if you register a trademark in Argentina, it will only be valid for our country.
When a company decides to trade its products abroad, it should register and protect its trademark in the destination country.

Our law firm has developed agreements with prestigious law firms from abroad and with companies involved in the registering of international trademarks, so that we could provide our clients with an integral protection of their trademark al over the world.

It is very common that a businessman decides to export and all the transaction is done, even the selling of the products is carried out, without checking if the trademark already exists in the country where he wants to trade his products. Besides, when the transaction takes place and the trademark is already registered in the destination country, the complete transaction falls down. The trials abroad are very expensive, and this can be avoided by doing a simple inquiry of feasibility of registering in the country where you want to export.
It is important to make an inquiry of feasibility in order to see if your trademark has already been registered in the chosen country for the exports.


The budget of a project of export must include the costs of protection of trademarks in the pertaining country, and the convenience, opportunity and extension of the protection must be analyzed before entering any market.